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Familia Arango - Typica FSL - Single Origin - COLOMBIA

Familia Arango - Typica FSL - Single Origin - COLOMBIA

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Honey, apricot, melon and orange cream

Variety: Typica FSL

Process: Washed - Filter Roast

Suggested methods: Pour over, aeropress, cold brew, plunger and stovetop.



Omar Arango

Omar comes from a family that has been growing coffee for over 25 years. Omar is in love with coffee and all that comes with it, he is deeply passionate and dedicated to producing great coffee.

Omar’s farm is located in LIbano-Tolima at 1,800 metres above sea level (MASL). On the farm, Omar and his family have varieties such as Typica FSL, Bourbon, Caturra and Colombia.

On his farm, various coffee processes are handled depending on the profile they seek to obtain with their coffee, including anaerobic and aerobic, washed, semi-washed, natural, honey and new specials.

Part of his success has been the excellent agricultural practices, his desire to experiment and innovate with coffee processes.

The Coffee

The pickers collect the cherries at the optimal ripeness point, then each batch is put in water to ensure that any underripe beans have a chance to float to the surface.

Selected best cherries get depulped (the skin is taken off) and fermented for 36 hours in water.

After that, the coffee is washed with fresh water and moved for drying in “Marquesinas” for 3 days, and then the drying is finished up in silos until the beans get to 10-12% moisture level.

ORIGIN: Colombia

REGION: Libano - Tolima




SUGGESTED METHODS: Pour over, aeropress, cold brew, plunger and stovetop.

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