Frequently asked questions to help with any information you might need.

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Is free local shipping in my area?

We offer free local, fast shipping to our locals! Our free shipping areas are within Coburg (Melbourne) and surrounds.

These are the free shipping postcodes: 3044, 3055, 3056, 3057, 3058, 3070, 3071, 3072

How long will my coffee take to arrive?

We send our orders through Sendle courier service (a carbon neutral courier), which offers fast shipping, depending on where you live.

Once the coffee is shipped:

Melb metro: 1-2 working days

Sydney metro: 1-3 working days

Brisbane metro: 2-4 working days

Perth and Hobart: 5 working days

All regional areas will take slightly longer.

If you’re a local and getting free local shipping, your coffee will arrive between 1-3 days, depending on what day you order (we roast on Wednesdays each week).

How much is shipping?

We offer free shipping on orders above $50.

If your order is less than $50, we charge $6 flat rate for shipping within Australia.

We use Sendle courier service for our shipping, which is a carbon neutral courier.

How often do you roast fresh coffee beans?

El Parche Coffee is an independent small batch roastery. Because we are small, we roast fresh coffee beans once a week on Wednesday. Your coffee will then be shipped within 1-2 days of roasting.

How long do my beans stay fresh?

When you buy fresh roasted coffee from us, you’ll find a roast date on the bag (beware of coffee that has a best before date – hint - it’s not fresh).

7 days after the roast date is when the coffee becomes it’s best (it’s peak flavour time), and up until 21 days, the flavours are still fantastic. After 3 weeks, the flavour intensity will fade slightly. Try to use your beans up within 4-5 weeks after the roast date.

Is your coffee ethically sourced?

Choosing ethically sourced coffee beans for you is top priority for us. We ensure all our coffee beans are ethically sourced come from farms where everyone is treated and paid fairly.

When you buy fresh coffee beans from us, traceability is guaranteed. You’ll see our single origin filter coffees are named after the farmers who produced the coffee – therefore you know exactly who it came from and where. You can find more information about the farmers, the coffee and their farms on our product pages.

Our founder is Colombian, we have direct relationships with our coffee farmers and producers, so we speak with them regularly and stay updated with what is happening on the farms.

What’s the difference between espresso roast and filter roast?

The reason you’ll see both espresso roasted and filter roasted coffee is because the coffee is roasted to maximise the flavour of the beans, depending on the way you brew.

Espresso roast is roasted longer and therefore is a darker roast. This style is designed for espresso brewing methods (espresso machine, stovetop/Mokapot) which use pressure to extract coffee and result in a highly concentrated intense flavour. The longer roast means flavours develop for more time, acidity is reduced and a heavier body is produced.

Filter roast is roasted for a shorter time and therefore is a lighter roast. This style is designed for filter brewing methods (French press, v60, Moccamaster (drip coffee)) which use gravity, through a filter, to extract coffee and result in a smooth light flavour. The shorter roast means a more delicate coffee but with defined and beautiful flavours. This method allows us to taste the distinct characteristics of the beans.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes. Environmental sustainability is very important to us. Our coffee bags are recyclable and can be taken to your local RedCycle collection point (often at your supermarket) with the rest of your soft plastics.

We actively try to reduce our impact on the environment, so you won’t find any extra information cards in your order, you can just scan the QR code on the back of your coffee bag for more information about the coffee and the farmer who produced your coffee.

Our local customers can request no extra packaging (by leaving a note at the checkout) and we’ll just deliver the bag of beans without the extra box around it.

We are constantly working to reduce our impact, and we hope to offer compostable bags in the future as we grow.

Can you grind my coffee for me?

Yes, we can give you fresh ground coffee! Just tell us in the drop down menu before adding your beans to the cart, how you make your coffee, and we’ll grind your beans to the right size for your brew at home.

We do however recommend that when you brew coffee at home, you order whole coffee beans and grind the coffee fresh before each brew. You’ll get a better tasting coffee (as long as you have the grind size right!). If you’re looking for a great grinder, visit our friends at The Basic Barista to choose one that’s right for you.

Where has my favourite coffee gone?

Coffee is a fruit and therefore is seasonal, just like any other fruit.

So, your coffee may be still growing and we’re waiting for the next harvest.

Or the coffee you enjoyed last time may have been limited in quantity. The farms we source our fresh coffee from are often small and don’t produce huge quantities, so there was likely just a small amount and now it’s sold out. But don’t worry, we are always sourcing unique and incredible coffees for you from Colombia and across Latin America, so we can guarantee you’ll be able to find some delicious fresh coffee beans on our menu that you’ll love.