El Parche is an independent speciality coffee small batch roastery. Founded in Melbourne with roots in Colombia, the home of coffee.

We specialise in South and Central American coffees, sourcing the best and most sustainable beans. We pride ourselves in ensuring we are giving the farmers and producers a fair deal, paying what they are worth.

Being Colombian gives us an advantage but also a responsibility to ensure our farmers are receiving adequate compensation for their product, and thus able to support their families and continue to produce excellent coffee with sustainable processes.


Jorge is a Colombian, living in Melbourne who is sharing coffees from his homeland with you.

Growing up in the land of coffee, Jorge has a deep seated passion in sourcing unique beans that may not have otherwise made it to Australia. He loves connecting with the coffee growers personally to share their stories and their coffees.

An entrepreneur with experience growing successful cafes in Colombia, he’s here to show Australia what he has to offer.

“This is my way of staying connected to my culture”

Communications Director

Nicki, a kiwi living in Melbourne, has worked in hospitality over 10 years across Melbourne, New Zealand, New York and Colombia.

Also a trained scientist, communications specialist and entrepreneur she uses her eclectic mix of skills to tinker with the science of coffee roasting.

“I love that I can combine my skills to work towards perfecting the art and science of coffee”

Jorge and Nicki met over their mutual love of coffee at a cafe in Colombia. They have a baby daughter who is already learning about the aromas of coffee and will be spending a lot of time on the roasting floor. Watch out for this one!


We are committed to making minimal impact on the environment. We ensure all our packaging is recyclable, even down to the label.

We continually look for ways in which to improve our processes to reduce our impact. Every little bit counts.