How it works?

It's not all about coffee, we love music too! So we’re collaborating with some musicians and DJs around the world to bring you Friday playlists, just in time for the weekend!

Our Playlists


This week we have TheCamilos, a Colombian-born DJ based in Melbourne for almost 15 years.

He has been in the music industry for around 10 years. We had the opportunity to see him in action at Section 8 a couple of weeks ago, so good!🔥🔥🔥.

Enjoy your weekend and our first playlist.

TheCamilos Playlist

El Gran Mono

Are you ready for our second playlist?

El Gran Mono was created by Australian DJs and record collectors, Tom Noonan and Johnny el Pajaro, who traveled to Colombia and were inspired by the picó culture.

A picó is a large soundsystem that orginates from the downtown neighbourhoods of the Colombian coastal cities - Barranquilla, Cartagena and Santa Marta. Picó's are colourful hand-painted speaker boxes that are lit up with strips of UV lights, decorated in animals, aeroplanes, dragons, revolutionary figures and other psychedelic scenes.

El Gran Mono, the only picó in Australia, seeks to promote Colombian music and traditions internationally while plugging into Melbourne's strong sound system culture.

It's speaker features a large ape standing over Melbourne's iconic Flinders Street Station, connecting Australia to Colombia.

El Gran Mono's Playlist

Jaime Alzate

Jaime Alzate is the owner of AFRO ESTUDIO (a recording studio), a drummer, percussionist, and music producer from Barranquilla, Colombia, my home town.

Jaime has been a music producer for projects such as Zultán, Los de Adentro, Silencio no hay banda, Cabas and currently, he is the drummer on Bomba Estereo's latest tour, one of the most famous bands from Colombia.

He has been in the Colombian music scene for over 15 years and has established himself as one of the best producers in Colombia and the region by materializing a sound that undoubtedly bears the AFRO ESTUDIO stamp on everything they release.

Jaime's Playlist

Jorge Ruiz

Well, the time has come for me to create my own Friday playlist for El Parche. 

I'm Jorge, founder of El Parche Coffee Roasters, and a lover of music, and especially salsa.

That is why my playlist is based on salsa, one of the rhythms that most identifies us as Latin Americans. 

There is no party in which a good salsa song does not make the partygoers get up from their chairs. Music is our passion as Latinos, it runs in our blood, in our hearts, I share my passion for salsa here.



Jorge's Playlist

Dj Hooch

We welcome DJ Hooch to our El Parche Playlist.
Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the producer and DJ, HOOCH, has been driving the jungle/drum and bass movement for over 15 years in every country he lands in.

Known to be one of the heaviest jungle ambassadors from Venezuela with his characteristic mixes and productions that are filled with massive sub-basses, smooth percussion, and complex scratches that will elevate the vibe on every dance floor he plays on.
Let’s listen to DJ HOOCH’s playlist, created for El Parche Coffee.
Find him on Instagram here.

Hooch's Playlist

Sista Sara

Sista Sara’s Dj career began 16 years ago, bred from a deep love of reggae and dancehall. 

Playing this music she is passionate about led her to being  known as one of Australia’s heaviest selectors of Jamaican music.

In recent years, Sara expanded her collection to include her own takes on hip hop, Afro, and latin vibes. In particular, her travels to South America bred a new passion for Salsa, Cumbia and Perreo. 

Sista Sara loves to play in both intimate bar settings and rocking a big party on stage.

No matter where she’s playing, Sara is happiest when she makes the crowd dance … so get ready to move!

Sista Sara's Playlist

Dj Milfort

Our new playlist is here, this time we have the talented Eddy Milfort (DJ Milfort).

Dj Milfort is a Colombian born graphic designer, illustrator,
photographer, and music lover.

His record collection covers all-types of Latin and Afro-Caribbean
rhythms. Eddy is a founding member of Aprieta, a Melbourne-based
afro-latin music collective.You may have heard DJ Milfort and the Aprieta crew playing at your favorite bars or music venues around town or even last week at the inauguration of El Parche Shop in Coburg.

Go and listen Dj Eddy, great vibes to pump up the weekend.

Eddy's Playlist