Welcome to El Parche Coffee Roasters, where we specialize in providing high-quality,
sustainable, and ethically sourced coffee for businesses. Our independent
specialty coffee small-batch roastery, founded in Melbourne with roots in Colombia,
sources the best and most sustainable beans from South and Central America,
ensuring our commitment to ethical and fair practices.

 Partnering with us means joining a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to
making a positive impact in the coffee industry. We believe in paying farmers and producers fairly for their hard work and ensuring that our coffee is always ethically sourced. Choosing El Parche Coffee Roasters demonstrates your conscious decision to support sustainable and responsible coffee production.

 At El Parche Coffee Roasters, we understand that your business has unique coffee needs. That's why we offer customizable options tailored to your specific preferences, whether you're running a cafe, restaurant, or office. Ourselection of coffees, sourced from various origins and processes, provides a
wide range of flavors for you to choose from. Plus, our flexible ordering and delivery options ensure that you always have the coffee you need on hand.

 As a small company, we're dedicated to providing exceptional service and paying extra
attention to our clients. We know that businesses require unique coffee
solutions, and we're here to help by offering delicious and distinctive options customized to your requirements.

If you're looking for something specific or want to offer a unique coffee to your customers, get in touch with us. We're always happy to collaborate with you and create a custom blend that meets your needs.


Our mission is to create a better coffee industry, one cup at a time, and we're excited to partner with you to bring the best coffee to your customers.

Contact us to learn more about our wholesale options and take your business's coffee
game to the next level.

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