V60 El Parche Recipe

You will need:

  • V60 + filter papers
  • Carafe or another suitable vessel 
  • Kettle (ideally with a gooseneck for more controlled pouring) 
  • Grinder (optional, but recommended)
  • Digital scale
  • Timer


15 gr coffee and 250 ml water or 30 gr x 500 ml


Grind 15g of coffee at a medium coarse setting, think caster sugar.

Place a filter in your V60, set upon on your vessel and rinse with hot water. 

Once filter is fully rinsed and your vessel has warmed, discard the rinse water, and place the vessel with the V60 on your digital scale. 

 Add your ground coffee to the V60 and tap to level the coffee bed, zero your scales.

Start your timer and pour around 50g to 60g of water just of boil over the coffee bed, the goal is to evenly wet all the ground coffee. Wait 30 seconds, this stage is called the bloom. When you finish pouring the water for your bloom, vigorously swirl the v60 or mix coffee bed with a spoon.

After 30 seconds, continue to pour water to a total of 250. Aim to finish this stage within 1 minute 45 seconds.

Allow the water to drain through the coffee, the brew is finished when you see the last of the water disappear on top of the coffee bed. 

Aim to finish this stage within 3 minutes 30seconds. If your brew takes too long, or too quick, adjust for next time by changing your grind setting.