5 stovetop/moka pot brewing mistakes, and how to fix them

Do you make your morning brew in a stovetop/moka pot/Bialetti?

If you do, scroll down to check that you’re doing it right! If you’re making any of these mistakes your coffee may not be tasting as best as it could, and no one wants that in their life.

  1. Adding cold water

Don’t do it! For best results, add boiling water to the bottom of the stovetop coffee maker before turning on the flame.

  1. Adding too much coffee

16 grams of coffee is the optimum amount of coffee to get it tasting best for one cup, so if you have a scale, weigh your beans and don’t overfill with coffee.

  1. Sealing too tight

Tightest is not best. Twist until firmly closed, but not super tight.

  1. Filling water over the valve

Make sure you fill the water just under the valve.

  1. Wrong grind size

Grind your beans to the stove top grind (not too coarse, not too fine) to get the best flavour from your beans. If it’s not quite right, the coffee will taste bitter.

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