Light roasted coffee has more caffeine...

Light roasted coffee

The flavour of coffee is closely linked to the roasting process, which transforms green coffee beans into the aromatic and flavourful beverage that kickstarts our mornings. However, the degree of roasting affects not only the colour but also the physical characteristics of the beans.

Contrary to popular belief, lighter roasts have more caffeine than darker, bolder ones. As coffee beans roast, the caffeine content decreases, but lighter roasts are cooked for less time and at lower temperatures, retaining more caffeine from the original green coffee beans.

                         Coffee roasted in a roaster

In the 1980s, coffee roasters worldwide began to realize that roasting high-quality beans lightly unlocked more delicious and exotic flavours. This discovery gave birth to the specialty coffee movement, which has become a global phenomenon.

Overall, light roast coffee beans offer a bright acidity, lighter mouthfeel, exotic flavours and lack of bitterness. Next time you brew coffee, give a light roast a try to experience a new taste profile.



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