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Cafec 1 Cup Abaca Plus Filter Paper 40 Pack

Cafec 1 Cup Abaca Plus Filter Paper 40 Pack

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Cafec Abaca Pour Over Filter Paper has been very popular all over the world for years as the symbolic product of Cafec thanks to the fast-water flow by the good balanced Two-Side crepe and being an eco-friendly product.

However, Cafec being the pioneer of filter paper they are always aiming higher. With a constant pursuit to develop the best filter paper with more added-value, and as a company who aims to contribute to the SDGs, they want to continue creating eco-friendly products.

Abaca+ filter paper is made with a new manufacturing technology known as the “Fine-Grained” method; Cafec succeeded to increase the paper surface area by narrowing the distance between each crepe, and also created an even water flow by uniforming the texture of paper.

  • 40 filters per pack
  • High quality filter paper
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified
  • 100% sustainable - No wood is used in the paper making process
  • Compostable & full-biodegradable
  • Made in Japan

Advantage of ABACA Plus

Abaca+ filter paper is the perfect pour over filter paper for professionals.

The roasting level filter paper is designed to control flow speed by the different framework of paper itself, while, the Abaca+ filter paper is designed to create a faster water flow so it is easy for professionals to control water flow by their skilled ability.

Abaca+ filter paper not only includes abaca, but also has the FSC certificate. And more, the total volume of package is also decreased by lowering the height of crepe. Then, it will contribute to transportation cost reduction. Abaca+ filter paper is a next-generation product.

No bleach, glues, chemicals or unnatural elements are added to the pulp. This is simply a 100% clean, eco-friendly, forest-sustainable coffee filter paper.

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