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El Parche

El Libertador - Seasonal Espresso Blend

El Libertador - Seasonal Espresso Blend

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Caramel, grapefruit and sweet chocolate

Espresso Roasted

Varieties: Typica, Colombia and Caturra

Processes: Washed

Suggested methods: Stove top, Espresso, french press






Planadas municipality is located in the Tolima department. Its weather conditions make it an ideal area to grow high-quality coffee. 95% of coffees are grown in low temperatures which produces a higher sugar concentration during the ripening process, resulting in a sweeter and more complex cup profile.

Most of the population are ex-combatants from armed groups. What is remarkable is that after the peace agreement was signed, they started to work with coffee with some associations. Both ASOPEP and ASCISP are a great example of such associations. ASOPEP works with 167 farmers and ASCISP is formed by 66 coffee families.

We are honored to work with these associations since they have different projects that focus on the improvement of the coffee community and biodiversity.




This program is incredibly special for a few reasons. Nariño has the highest altitude at which coffee is grown in Colombia which also means temperatures are quite low. This climate is perfect for the coffee cherry as the bean matures slowly it can have a higher concentration of sugar. Another relevant factor that makes the coffee from this region so unique is the rich soil.


Unlike many regions in Colombia, Nariño’s soil is extraordinarily rich in volcanic ash mainly due to the high volcanic activity in the area. Typically, volcanic ash in the soil is rich in nutrients and contributes to a much healthier plant and higher complexity in the cup.


The average size of a farm in this zone we work at is approximately less than 1 hectare to 1.5 hectares.

Cofinet, our importer with the help of our friends at Cooperativa de Cafes Especiales de Nariño, designed a social-driven program that focuses on quality and aims to help the smallest and least protected farmers from the region.

Additionally, Nariño has a unique climate pattern. For most of the year, this region is very humid, and rainfall can be quite intense. Amazingly, every year precisely during harvest time the sun comes out which creates the best conditions to pick, process, and dry coffee.


ORIGIN: Colombia

REGION: Nariño - Tolima

VARIETY: Castillo - Colombia - Caturra


SUGGESTED METHODS: Espresso, Stovetop, Plunger

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