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Jorge Rojas - Gesha - Special Release - COLOMBIA

Jorge Rojas - Gesha - Special Release - COLOMBIA

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Jasmine, honeydew melon, white honey and chamomile

Variety: Gesha

Process: Honey 

Filter Roast - Light

Suggested methods: Pour over, Aeropress, Cold Brew, Plunger

3rd place Cup of Excellence 2022 - Colombia 

Jorge Rojas

Jorge Elias Rojas, Owner of La Roca Estate

Nestled in the picturesque mountains of Gaitania, Tolima, lies the esteemed La Roca estate, owned and meticulously managed by Jorge Elias Rojas. From an early age, Jorge displayed an unwavering passion for coffee, instilled in him by his parents who guided him through the intricate processes of coffee cultivation. Despite facing adversity, including the loss of his father at the tender age of 12, Jorge remained steadfast in his dedication to coffee farming. Today, Jorge is renowned for his unparalleled commitment to producing high-end specialty coffees, maintaining impeccable standards and a crisp profile that captivates coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

Gesha – Honey Process

This exceptional coffee is the result of Jorge Rojas's meticulous craftsmanship at Finca La Roca Estate. Born from a desire to push boundaries and redefine excellence, Jorge employs innovative techniques and cultivates rare varietals, such as Pink Bourbon and Geisha, on his farm. The competition Geisha lot, in particular, undergoes a meticulous fermentation process spanning 48 hours. Initially fermented in anaerobic conditions within cherry-filled buckets for 24 hours, the coffee is then pulped and subjected to a secondary fermentation phase, further enhancing its complexity and flavor profile. The delicate balance of acidity and sweetness is carefully nurtured through precise temperature control, with drying stages meticulously managed over 28 days. Each step in the journey from cherry to cup reflects Jorge's unwavering commitment to quality and his relentless pursuit of perfection.

Tolima: Where Coffee Excellence Thrives

Situated in the western reaches of Colombia, Tolima boasts a landscape of breathtaking beauty, framed by the majestic peaks of the Andes. Despite its remote location and challenging terrain, Tolima has emerged as a beacon of excellence in coffee production. The region's fertile soil and optimal climate provide an ideal environment for cultivating specialty coffee, renowned for its exceptional quality and unique flavour profiles. Within this rugged landscape lies the tranquil haven of La Roca Estate, a testament to the dedication and resilience of its owner, Jorge Rojas. Through his unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and innovative techniques, Jorge has not only elevated the standards of coffee production but has also secured Tolima's rightful place on the world stage of specialty coffee.

The availability of this coffee is very limited, at El Parche we have 20kg available.

Special artwork created by the Colombian artist Daniel Villanueva @zorrodmonte

for El Parche Coffee Roasters

ORIGIN: Colombia

REGION: Tolima




SUGGESTED METHODS: Pour over, Aeropress, Cold Brew, Plunger


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