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Wilder Lazo - SL28 - Single Origin - COLOMBIA

Wilder Lazo - SL28 - Single Origin - COLOMBIA

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Kiwi, raspberry, red currant and lemon

Variety: SL-28

Process: Washed - 72 hours fermentation  - Filter Roasted

Suggested methods: Pour over, plunger, Aeropress, cold brew and espresso 


Wilder Lazo

Wilder Lazo is a true coffee lover and a trained veterinarian - not the most common combination for a coffee producer! Due to his passion for coffee and his family's history in coffee production, Wilder entered the coffee world with a lot of planning and structure.

He meticulously studied the soils of his farms, enriched the soil with nutrients, and ensured that it was of very high quality before planting great but uncommon varieties of coffee for Colombia. Currently, he has varieties such as Pink Bourbon, SL28, Geisha, and Papayo across his three farms.

Wilder is a progressive producer who is always open to experimenting with new processes. He continuously explores innovative techniques to improve the quality of his coffee beans, such as anaerobic fermentation and different drying methods.

His commitment to experimentation has helped him produce unique and outstanding coffee.



The Origins:

Born in Kenya in the late 1930s, SL28 (Scott Laboratories 28) was developed as a hybrid of Bourbon and indigenous Kenyan varieties. Its creation aimed to combine the best qualities of these parent plants, resulting in a variety that thrived in the high altitudes of Kenya's coffee-growing regions. Over time, SL28 became renowned for its exceptional cup quality, making it one of the most sought-after coffee cultivars globally.

Distinctive Flavour Profile:

What sets SL28 apart from other coffee varieties is its exceptional flavour profile. Renowned for its vibrant acidity, SL28 coffee offers a bright and sparkling sensation on the palate. Its acidity is often described as juicy and citrusy, with notes of black currant and red berries. Alongside its lively acidity, SL28 exhibits a rich and complex sweetness, often reminiscent of ripe tropical fruits and floral undertones. This dynamic combination of flavours creates a memorable sensory experience that delights coffee lovers.

This microlot:

The coffee is grown in finca El Diviso in San Agustin, Huila, Colombia at an altitude of 1,800 meters. Huila is renowned for being one of the best coffee-growing states of Colombia. 

A careful process begins with the selection of ripe cherries, each more than 20 days old. Once the cherries are harvested, they are promptly pulped on the same day, ensuring freshness and quality. 

Next comes the dry anaerobic fermentation, carried out in 200-liter barrels. The pulped coffee is sealed tightly in the barrels for 36 hours. Once this period is over, clean water is added to completely submerge the coffee. The barrels are then sealed again for another 36 hours.

After the fermentation process is complete, the coffee is thoroughly washed with clean water. It is then spread out to dry in direct sunlight at "Casa Elva" for a period of 10 to 15 days.

Once the coffee has dried, it is stored in a GrainPro bag for a minimum of 15 days. This careful and meticulous process ensures the highest quality and flavor in the final product.

Temperature and pH levels are crucial during the entire process to produce a great result, as Wilder explained in our conversation.

This special lot is produced using a washed processing method, which results in a vivid cup with notes of Kiwi, raspberry, red currant and lemon.

This is a unique lot sourced and imported by El Parche Coffee Roasters.

ORIGIN: Colombia





SUGGESTED METHODS: Pour over, plunger, Aeropress, cold brew and espresso.

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